Student’s experience

The first music project I did at school was learning the Ocarina. In Year 4 I decided to learn a different instrument After learning the recorder in Year 3, I thought I might do another instrument because the recorder was quite easy and I wanted to do something a bit harder. I thought about trying the saxophone or the trombone.

I go to HYM now and the best thing about being in a band is that you get to hear other people playing and you get to listen to yourself with other people and it improves confidence in playing because you know how things are meant to sound together as well as just by yourself. I enjoy socialising as well. At HYM we have a break in the middle so we get to meet up and talk, a lot! The best place I have played at so far is a nice outdoor bandstand on our tour in Cornwall. But I’m going to play the IndigO2 in March with HYM so that will be good! At the moment with HYM we’re playing ‘Skyfall’ and that’s really good because the trombones get to do the classic James Bond music, the backing bit, which is really nice.

At school I’m in the Jazz Band. I’m thinking of choosing GCSE Music at the end of the year, as I have heard it’s good and you get to compose more. I have had a few teachers who have taught me different elements about Music. Mr Quinlan and Mrs Fairbank stick in my memory as being good, but they have all been fun!