Harrow Music One of BEST in City!

The Harrow state music program was described as being one of the best in the city in a report by Your active Kid London! The report states Harrow as being the fourth most family friendly borough in London.

Please see full excerpt below on Harrow:
4# Harrow
Despite the reputation of Harrow School, which is located in this lovely little borough, Harrow is more affordable than you’d think, with the average home coming in at £348,880. With typically suburban creature comforts paired with a lively community and high liveability, Harrow and its leafy avenues more than earns its high place in this ranking.

Parks and Perks

Harrow and its nearby boroughs have some of the loveliest parks and green spaces in the city – certainly less well known than some of their more famous counterparts, but unspoiled and perfect for families. There are also a large number of community centres, including sports centres, with a full range of activities available for your children to enrol in.


Leaving aside Harrow’s most famous school, the borough is still in top league when it comes to education. There is a certain contrast here, as the few schools which place poorly do so quite resoundingly, but the remainder are all top-tier, the sort of schools you’d be proud to place your children in. Harrow’s state music program is also regarded as one of the best in the city.

Culture and Events

Sports festivals, music festivals, arts festivals, and free street festivals all call Harrow their home, brightening up the days of everyone who lives here and drawing (moderate) crowds from elsewhere in London. If there’s no festival running, make sure to check out the rest of what Harrow has to offer: museums, galleries, listed homes, Harrow Arts Centre and more.

Full article can be read at https://www.youractivekid.co.uk/blog/2nd-3rd-and-4th-top-10-family-friendly-boroughs-london/