String Festivals

Tuesday String Festival 2018

A fantastic evening of music by students from Heathland, Longfield, Marlborough, Newton Farm, Pinner Park, Roxbourne, Roxeth, St George's, St John Fisher, Weald Rise, Welldon Park, West Lodge and Whitchurch schools. With guest appearances by the fantastic Rooks Heath and Whitmore students.

Monday String Festival 2017

Enjoy photos from the wonderful String Festival featuring students from Cannon Lane, Newton Farm, Pinner Wood, Roxbourne, St Anselm's, St George's, St John's, Stag Lane, Stanburn and West Lodge.

Tuesday String Festival 2017

More photos from another great day of music making. Featuring students from Aylward, Cedars Manor, Earlsmead, Glebe, Grimsdyke, Kenmore Park Junior, Marlborough, Norbury, St John Fisher, Welldon Park and Whitefriars.

Wednesday String Festival 2017

The last day of the annual String Festival was a joyous occasion, with students from Belmont, Elmgrove, Grange, Heathland, Longfield, Pinner Park, Roxeth, St Teresa's, Vaughan, Weald and Whitchurch playing their socks off!

String Festival 2016 MONDAY

Photos from the first day of a fantastic String Festival with string players from Aylward, Cannon Lane, Grange, Kenmore Park, Newton Farm, Pinner Wood, St George's, St John's, Stag Lane, Stanburn and West Lodge. Photos taken by our talented photographer Nicola Galbraith.

String Festival 2016 TUESDAY

We hope you enjoy these photos of the second of three evenings of the String Festival 2016. String players participating were from Cedars Manor, Earlsmead, Glebe, Grimsdyke, Marlborough, Norbury, Pinner Park, Priestmead, Roxbourne, Vaughan, Welldon Park and Whitefriars. Special guest group was Rooks Heath College String Ensemble who wowed us with music from Slumdog Millionaire.

String Festival 2016 WEDNESDAY

Welcome to photos from the final day of the 2016 String Festival! Starring Belmont, Elmgrove, Heathland, Longfield, Roxeth, St Anselm’s, St John Fisher, St Teresa’s, Weald Rise and Whitchurch with a special guest performance by Whitmore String Ensemble, playing the fiendishly difficult ‘Libertango’ by Astor Piazzolla!

String Festival Wednesday 25th March 2015

An amazing finale to a great three days of rehearsing and concerts - starring violinists, viola players and cellists from Earlsmead, Elmgrove, Glebe, Grimsdyke, Heathland, Longfield, Roxeth, St. Anselms RC, St. Teresa's RC, Stag Lane, Whitchurch and Whitefriars schools! Finn Lancaster accompanied on the drum kit - thank you Finn - and Grimsdyke Choir sang beautifully! A big chocolate bunny, flowers, a card and a CD were presented to Mr. Moss and Mrs. Howson to say 'thank you' on behalf of the (approximately) 5000 children they have taught for Harrow Music Service 40+ years!

String Festival Tuesday 24th March 2015

The second of the three String Festivals, starring violinists, viola players, cellists and one heroic double bass player from the following schools: Aylward, Kenmore Park, Norbury, Pinner Park, Priestmead, Roxbourne, St. George's RC and St. John's C of E. Well done! Thanks to Pinner Park Choir for singing so well and to Ethan Roberts for accompanying the concert on the drum kit!

String Festival Mon 23rd March 2015

Photos taken by guest photographer Nicola Gilbraith during the rehearsals for the Monday night String Festival. String Festival stars came from Belmont, Cannon Lane, Cedars Manor, Grange, St. John Fisher, Marlborough, Moriah, Newton Farm, Pinner Wood, Stanburn, Vaughan, Weald, Welldon Park and West Lodge schools. Vaughan Choir sang wonderfully and Ethan Ferguson accompanied on drums! Note the photos of Mr. Moss and Mrs. Howson who both retired at Easter. We'll miss them!

String Festival Monday 24th March 2014

These photos were taken at the String Festival rehearsal, before the evening concert on Monday 24th. Schools which participated on this day were: Aylward; Cannon Lane; Earlsmead; Grimsdyke; Pinner Park; Roxeth; St John Fisher; Stag Lane; West Lodge; Whitchurch.

String Festival Tuesday 25th March 2014

These photos were taken at the rehearsal for our String Festival on Tuesday 25th March before the evening concert at the Harrow Arts Centre. Schools which took part on the Tuesday were Cedars Manor; Elmgrove; Glebe; Kenmore Park; Norbury; Pinnerwood; St Anselms; St Johns C of E; Vaughan; Weald and Welldon Park.

String Festival Wednesday 26th March 2014

These photos were taken at the rehearsal before the evening String Festival concert on Wednesday 26th. The schools who took part were Belmont; Grange; Heathland; Longfield; Marlborough; Newton Farm; Priestmead; Roxbourne; St Georges; St Teresas and Stanburn.

String Festival 2012

String Festival 2011