Keeping an instrument in a good condition takes regular care and monitoring. We’ve got a handy guide you can download to give you some instrument care notes for specific instrument families.

Although you may be very good at looking after your instrument, a regular service is recommended. Below is a list of repairers who are nearby.

David Coltman – String
Contact: 020 8863 1098. Hatch End

David Fingerhut – Woodwind
Contact: 020 8958 5025. Edgware

Gale Lawson – Brass
Contact: 020 8368 4296. East Barnet

Musical Cocktails – Dieter Hester – Brass and woodwind
Contact: 01923 510103. Watford.

Hertfordshire Woodwind Repair – Richard – Flutes, piccolos, clarinets and saxophones

Jas Musicals - Indian instruments
Contact: 020 8574 2686. Southall

Pianos are complex instruments; if one part performs under par, the overall quality of the instrument suffers. Bad tuning can be a symptom of another problem, and out-of-tune strings are probably the most annoying indicators that you are in need of an overall tune-up.

Regular piano tunings can also prevent damage. Correct (and constant) string tension is important to the health of many delicate piano parts – parts which are very expensive to fix. Tunings help these parts work together smoothly, preventing damage to (and from) neighbouring pieces.

Aaron Music Ltd
35 Joel St, Northwood, Middlesex
01923 779 155/ 07951 053 725

Foster R D P
Grosvenor Ave, Harrow, Middlesex
020 8427 1737/ 07956 297 502

Harrow Piano Works
Contact: David Manson
07836 336 201

Little and Lambert Pianos
38 Joel Street, Northwood Hills, Middlesex
01923 820470

Plaza Pianos
52 Colburn Ave, Pinner
020 8421 2787

Stephen Lethbridge
30 Cheney St, Pinner
020 8866 9507 / 020 8723 0859

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