We are passionate about ensuring that every child in Harrow has the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, with performance opportunities and a clear route of progression available for all.

We offer three main avenues for children and young people to access affordable music tuition:

Our after school music lessons offer a great opportunity to learn to play an instrument with our experienced and talented instrumental teachers. Lessons are scheduled during term time, on weekdays between 3.30pm and 6.30pm, and students have the ability to work towards Trinity College London graded exams.


Harrow Childrens Choir

Lessons in Schools
We work with over 50 schools across Harrow (both primary and secondary) and are striving to support music within the curriculum through the School Music Education Plan. There is a recognition amongst many schools in Harrow that a strong music provision supports good achievement, good behaviour, health, wellbeing and creativity in schools.


Groups and Choirs
Playing and/or singing as part of a group greatly supports musical development by offering a clear progression route from individual lessons with performance opportunities. Students also gain confidence rehearsing and performing together with the added benefit of the social aspect to learning.