Guitar Festivals

Guitar Festival 2018

Please enjoy these photographs of the rehearsal leading up to the Guitar Festival Concert 2018! Photographs taken by Nicola Galbraith.

Guitar Festival 2017

Photos from the Guitar Festival rehearsal on Feb 7th showing the students preparing for a spectacular evening concert .

Guitar Festival 2016

160 guitar students - classical, electric, acoustic - came together in a great rehearsal and concert on Tuesday 9th February for a celebration of guitar music and playing. Our guest photographer, Nicola Galbraith took the photos - enjoy!

Guitar Festival 2015

Congratulations to all the students and HMS teachers who took part in the 2015 Guitar Festival on Tuesday 10th February - there were some memorable performances and it was a great learning experience for everyone! You can find the photos of the occasion here - a BIG thank you to photographer Nicola Galbraith who gave up her day to come and take them!

Guitar Festival 2014

The concert was on Tuesday 11th February in the Elliott Hall at the Harrow Arts Centre after a two day rehearsal, where the children could meet, and played some pieces together for the first time. For some, it was their first experience of playing in an ensemble. There were also some more experienced guitarists playing great solos, two singer songwriters, a jazz/funk band and a band that were the spitting image of Dire Straits (if you shut your eyes!). And of course Mr. Seaman who held the whole thing together with his terrible jokes!!