Band Festivals

Band Festival 28th November 2017

Featuring pupils from Cannon Lane,Glebe,Hatch End,Park High,Pinner High,Rooks Heath High,Roxbourne,Roxeth, Salvatorian,Stanburn, West Lodge, Whitmore. Thanks to our photographer Nikky Galbraith.

Band Festival 29th November 2017

The second day of our Band Festival which was filmed for a short documentary about HMS to be released in May, featuring pupils from Elmgrove, Grimsdyke, Marlborough, Norbury, Nower Hill, Pinner Park, Pinner Wood, St. George's, St. John's C of E, St John Fisher, Sacred Heart Language College and Vaughan Schools. With thanks to our photographer, Nikky Galbraith.

Band Festival 2016 Monday

Photographs from the evening concert starring Aylward, Cannon Lane, Canons High, Elmgrove, Glebe, Hatch End High, Heathland, Marlborough, Pinner Park Junior, Rooks Heath, Roxbourne, Roxeth, St John's C of E, St Teresa's and Whitmore High. With grateful thanks to Nicola Galbraith for her photography.

Band Festival 2016 Tuesday

Photographs from the evening concert with schools - Belmont, Cedars, Grimsdyke, Kenmore Park Junior, Norbury, Nower Hill High, Pinner Wood, Pinner High, Sacred Heart, Stanburn, St George's RC, St John Fisher Catholic, Vaughan, Weald Rise, West Lodge, Whitefriars. With thanks to Nicola Galbraith.

Monday 30th November 2015 Band Festival

150 young people rehearsing and playing woodwind, brass and percussion instruments - what a great sound! Congratulations to all who took part!

Tuesday 1st December 2015 Band Festival

A second fantastic day of rehearsing, quizzes ending with a packed out performance to a very appreciative audience. Special thanks to Nicola Galbraith, our guest photographer!

Tuesday 25th November Band Festival 2014

The schools who participated were Canons High, Kenmore Park, Norbury, Nower Hill, Pinnerwood, Priestmead, Rooks Heath, Roxbourne, St George's , St John Fisher, St Johns C of E, St Joseph's, St Teresa's Sacred Heart, Weald , West Lodge, Whitefriars. Thank you to all who took part.

Tuesday Band Festival Nov 2013

Featuring students from Cannon Lane, Hatch End, Nower Hill, Pinnerwood, Rooks Heath, Roxbourne, St John's C of E, St Joseph's, St Teresa's, Sacred Heart, Weald, West Lodge and Whitefriars

Monday Band Festival 2013

Featuring students from Aylward, Elmgrove, Glebe, Grimsdyke, Kenmore Park, Longfield, Marlborough, Pinner Park, Roxeth, St George's, St John Fisher, Salvatorian, Stanburn, Vaughan and Whitmore.

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